Bradley D. Sharp SK Foods LP Operating Report as of 7/31/12

SK Operating Report July 2012

$ 1,519,668 ( net Cash ), page 2 - what remains of the $550,000,000 company built by Scott Salyer

$ 18,789,631 legal costs to date, page 4 - Bankruptcy Legislation was rewritten by Bill Brandt of DSI, Chicago to create a way to seize valuable assets belonging to others even more so than a way to deal with insolvency issues. The most significant Legislation gives Banks the abillity to instantly and involuntarily steer companies into Chapter 11 and appoint Bankruptcy Trustees in Chapter 11 proceedings. Simply a Federal liscence to steal and a brutal avenue for Crony Capitalism between the Political Regime and the Black Hat Bankers in the Workout and Bankruptcy Division of the Banks. Bradley D. Sharp works for DSI, Los Angeles but came over from Bank of America foreclosures.

$ 11,262,627 legal costs unpaid, page 7

Bradley D. Sharp of DSI, has attacked Salyer owned companies in Australia in order to grab money to pay his own Fees and the Schnader Invoices now in excess of $12,000,000.00 in unpaid legal fees they have wracked up, the unscurpulous take down artists attempt to enjoy all of the fruits of three generations of Salyer work in Agriculture.