Exhibit AM - "The degree to which Morning Star successfully turned the government’s investigation into a vehicle to pursue SK Foods is laid bare in Manuel’s first formal interview with the FBI on October 18, 2006. The entire interview concerns alleged improprieties at SK Foods. Manuel’s embezzlement at Morning Star is not even discussed once. Indeed, because Manuel’s wrongdoing at Morning Star had not been discussed, Manuel’s lawyer requested a second interview with the government in December 2006 to disclose the details of Manuel’s embezzlement at Morning Star. Morning Star’s interest in the investigation stemmed not from a desire to seek justice but rather a desire to eliminate a competitor."

DOJ assists Morning Star in avoiding the production of documents for a 17(c) Subpeona issued by Honorable Judge Lawrence K. Karlton

Morning Star, their partners and loan guarantor and key partner Heinz, in large scale Anti-Trust Violation attack Salyer

"Scott your export group is going to cost me money." Bill Johnson Heinz

" I suspect this effort is being sponsored by Morningstar in retaliation for a lawsuit filed against them by SK Foods." Stuart Woolf

FBI Supervisor Donald P. Vilfer discloses he was hired by Morningstar

Vilfer's direct report at the FBI, FBI Special Agent Paul Artley instructs the Bureau to assign him the case

Government accuses SK Foods of "relabeling" "According to my warehouse folks the comment is bogus."

Through Vilfer, Morningstar attorney Dale Campbell, instructs the FBI what the SK Foods employees should Plead Guilty to in order to create witnesses against Salyer.

Malcolm Segal, a lawyer for Mr. Salyer, said his client had done
nothing wrong. “The allegations against Mr. Salyer are unsupported
except by individuals who have pled guilty and who are seeking a
personal benefit in the sentencing process,” Mr. Segal said.