It’s obvious the reporter fom the Monterey County Herald is not being objective, and has a vendetta, he miscomprehends contents of wiretap comments writing it into his "journalism" in a 180 degree opposite of what is actually stated and writes an opinion that is libelous and unfactual including allegations that were in fact disproved hence not part of the plea agreement. He also asserts improbable assumptions about Mr. Salyer. But luckily he fell into our hands by posting the Supporters website.

Harassment and personal attacks this vindictive, factually incorrect and personally harmful is not only inappropriate it is also irreverent concerning the gravity of the overzealous prosecution of an important proliferator of food. At no point in time have the supporters attempted to invalidate the details of the plea agreement. The Supporters have revealed the details of the facts and find that they are completely congruent with the court documents filed by the attorneys at Keker and Van Nest. To suggest that the contents of court documents filed by the attorneys are somehow devoid of truth is impossible as the attorneys are indeed officers of the court and misleading a court is not permitted.

However the vindictive and violent approach taken by those in the US Attorney's office is in evidence of an exaggeration of fictional proportions, breaches the limits of procedure and propriety, lacking totally in humanness and law.
"The Government decapitated SK Foods." Assistant US Attorney Matt Segal

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