Documented activities occur between 2002 and today.

In the April 28, 2012 Economist the Private Public Partnership concept is revealed to the public for the first time that we can find in the news media.

"Whistle-blowers are fortified not only by righteousness but also by a share of damages."

DOJ on Walmart
No jail just a few fines.

The Schnader invoices, Bradley D. Sharp's attorneys, show all of the Opposition parties, the Government appointees and the investigators communicating by telephone. When the Bankruptcy Trustee's Attorneys are billing phone calls made to Chris Rufer and the DOJ Criminal Division and the involved Bank's legal counsel, one has to wonder what our Government is doing.

Chris Rufer of Morning Star is now the owner of Mr. Salyer's home in Lake Tahoe valued at five million dollars, which was given to him by Bradley D. Sharp of Development Specialists Inc. (DSI) in Los Angeles, the SK Foods LP Bankruptcy Trustee appointed by Judge Robert S. Bardwil. Bardwil is the author of a book on how to confiscate California property and the offices of all opposition parties are in each other’s buildings in Sacramento, Chicago and Los Angeles. Chris Rufer's partner JG Boswell II (now deceased) is the long-time colleague of Bradley D. Sharp who during his years working for Bank of America assisted in Boswell's acquisitions out of B of A foreclosures and they worked together on the B of A acquisition of the Boswell/Chandler family business Security Pacific National Bank. The nephew of Ruth Chandler, Boswell has extensive media support by the family newspaper, the Los Angeles Times. Judge Bardwil from the Bankruptcy Court in the Eastern District of California in Sacramento appointed Bradley D. Sharp as the Chapter 11 (restructuring) Bankruptcy Trustee. Yet, Sharp did not restructure SK Foods LP, he sold to Olam International for 39 million and the Boswell broker and FBI Informant, Randal Rahal went to work at Morning Star from 2008-2010 repositioning the SK Foods LP customer contracts there. Another FBI Informant, Tony Manual had worked for Chris Rufer for most of two decades when Rahal recommended Manual for a position at SK Foods LP. Immediately upon his arrival he began creating evidence for the Government's case. Jerry Gilbert the President of Morning Star's Williams factory took a new position at JG Boswell Co's Rio Bravo Tomato Co in early January 2003. FBI Agents Donald Vilfer and Paul Artley closed the file on Jerry Gilbert's death in June 2003 deeming his death a suicide when Sacramento County Sheriff Lou Blane felt the death was due to foul play. The FBI Agents spent three months in 2004 working inside Chris Rufer's office behind closed doors… with Rufer. In early 2005 Vilfer opened Vilfer Associates Investigations and commenced services on behalf of his sole client Morning Star. FBI Special Agent Paul Artley wrote an FBI Report recommending that the Bureau open a case investigating Tony Manual for embezzlement against Chris Rufer and he recommended the bureau assign the case to none other than himself.

Bradley D. Sharp’s attorney, Greg Nuti at Schnader, has a joint defense agreement dated April 7, 2009. It is their obligation to defend Mr. Salyer, the founder, owner and CEO of SK Foods LP as well as the Bankruptcy Trustee, the whole point of this defence is to defend the company from an involuntary Bankruptcy action brought against them by the Bank, BMO. What is Schnader doing? Not defending Mr. Salyer. They are in fact making legal attacks against him on a daily basis enough to choke a horse. Sharp, the Bankruptcy Trustee went as far as to inform the taxing authority in Australia that he is in fact the owner of Mr. Salyer’s families other companies. Now Bank of Montreal’s attorneys are representing Bradley D. Sharp too. In February 2012 Matt Segal at the DOJ gave Bradley D. Sharp criminal immunity.

In all the commotion we almost lost track of how Bank of Montreal brought the action in the first place. In a letter dated December 15, 2008 Bank Director, Betzada Erdelyi stated the bank would not continue to extend credit “in light of recent articles implicating SK Foods LP in a Federal Investigation.” If we hadn’t read the court documents and started looking into the dubious FBI investigation we may never had noticed the Banking problem was created by none other than the Los Angeles Times. or was it? Larry Mizera was in the loan division in the 90’s. He is closely affiliated with Spioto the managing Partner of Chapman and Cutler in Chicago. Exclusive representatives of BMO, Chapman and Cutler are located in the BMO building. Mizera is with Bank of Montreal Capital Markets. Why would Bank of Montreal on the day they underwrite the loan, BMO loan closed with SK Foods LP/ RHM on September 28, 2007, assign the loan to BMO Capital Markets, under Mizera?

The loan was funded in partnership with:
US Bank
Wells Fargo
Bank of the West
LaSalle Bank/Bank of America

Bank of Montreal BMO already knew that they did not want to keep the SK Foods loan on September 28, 2007 or earlier. After collecting 2.5 million in fees they insure the loan then hand it off to Larry Mizera and he sells it to investors and recuperates BMO’s partnership original loan funds. BMO recuperated all of the original loan funds plus the credit default swaps in the event the loan failed.

The Bankruptcy Trustee sold SK Foods LP, a going concern with 783 million in sales in 2008, out of "Bankruptcy" to OLAM for 39 million. OLAM immediately put the asset value on their books at 240 million. OLAM International is one of the, if not the, largest customers of Bank of Montreal BMO in the sector. According to Government appointees the investigation began in 2006 with the raid at the home of Tony Manual. FBI Special Agent Paul Artley requested opening the investigation in October of 2005. The Vilfer Report shows clearly that Morning Star attorney, Dale Campbell requested an investigation be conducted by former FBI Supervisor Donald Vilfer at Vilfer and Associates that yielded a report issued to Artley in August 2005. But the FDA shows OLAM started pulling SK Foods LP sample data as early as 2002. Former SK Foods LP Treasurer, Mark McCormick stated BMO kept "pimping him" to take on more debt from them and that the SK Foods LP financial disclosure to Bank of Montreal BMO was as "transparent as a glass of water". In light of all the trouble with leaks in this case it is more reasonable to suggest that OLAM had all of the financial data on the exports. Morning Star gets the SK Foods LP US contracts and OLAM gets SK Foods LP to continue with their export business. No one will ever find out what they really did because according to a Government appointee in May of 2012, "Mr. Salyer is not going to survive this and he needs to come to terms with and accept that."

Attorneys Richard Mamaro of Skadden and Arps and Malcolm Segal met with Attorney General Eric Holder in Washington DC in May of 2010 and handed him the outline. After reading it through Attorney General Holder slid the outline back across the table returning it to the attorneys and made his position clear that he was not going to do anything to stop the Private Public Partnership, FBI and Department of Justice malfeasance, not even look into it. The words he used were "not interested".

July 19, 2012 Bankruptcy Trustee, Bradley D. Sharp's lies, latest attack. Compare with John Sheahan Declaration, they're opposite. "They just keep amending the complaint to make it sound like what they want." See e-mail argument between US Attorney Matt Segal (1962) and Keker and Van Nest Attorney Elliot Peters USA 1963(m) former Arthur Andersen CPA, Cary Collins, states accurately that Bradley D. Sharp will use the Andorra language (1962) to go after funds in Australia. Mr. Collins knows well that FEDs abuse Fraud statutes. At the time, Mr. Collins submitted an application for a home loan for an Arthur Andersen client. Unfortunately without discussing it with his CPA the client tragically passed away in the interim. The Government charged Collins with Fraud. His employer advised that he sign the plea, pay the fine and move on as "you cannot fight with the Government." Interestingly Arthur Andersen LLP was attacked and destroyed and then later cleared in the Supreme Court. DSI are top contributors to Democratic political candidates.

Here in the San Joaquin Valley we have a tradition of growing food for people, that idea is a simple one. If we can help Scott Salyer, we'd like to. Today Chris Rufer the ruthless is traipsing around like a Mafia Boss bludgeoning us one after another. Suggesting that Scott Salyer is somehow RICO is truly stranger than fiction. We are mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore.

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