King Charles Spaniel dog terrified and stomped on at 7:00am by FBI Agents, April 16, 2008 at Salyer home.

Mr. Louis was given his name in honor of an early day California pioneer named Mr. Louis. The owner of the Louis Land Co. c.1911

A lover of dogs, Clarence Salyer, much like Andrew Carnegie, began his business career with 25 cents to his name. As luck would have it, he was offered a job by Mr. Louis as he decended a train upon his arrival in California at the age of 16. But, this was not his first line of work. Clarence Salyer passed on the tradition of hard work to his grandson, Scott Salyer, as he had worked the coal mines of Virginia as a young boy of 7. At the age of 13 he heard of land opportunites in California and had a vision of large scale farming.

Photo: Grand Dad, Clarence Salyer on the left

Photo of Mr. Louis

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