USDA "mold" versus Artley affidavit 

USDA tests from Stockton Lab ( USAO-135175/6 ) show 'O' Results for Foreign Material.

Color tests from Stockton lab letter ( USAO-135584 )

"Stockton Field Office tested the product for salt analysis, foreign material, fly eggs analysis and colorimeter determination".

Tony Manual hand written sheet given to Agent Artley shows the following: ( USAO- 003035 )

26% Crush Per Manual / Per USDA
10/06/07 - Mold 80%   ( USDA Mold 0%)
10/07/07 - Mold 80%   ( USDA Mold 8%)

9/16/07 - Color/Mold   ( USDA Mold 0% ) 
9/17/07 - Color/Mold   ( USDA Mold 0% )

8/30/07 - Color/40% Mold ( USDA Mold 4% )

USDA samples submitted by SA Artley state the following:

"Samples not Officially drawn by USDA or Authorized Representative of USDA, samples submitted by Applicant and do Not Officially Represent any lot ".

Government opposition to Franks Motion, states "USDA tested for Full Grade, along with Mold including Color, PH, Acid, defects".

Stockton USDA graded 4/5 samples Grade A ( 1 sample was BBQ ), all samples passed Defect tests including Mold, USDA does not test for PH, Acid as Tomatoes are classified as High Acid, Low PH products.

USDA states "samples 2 & 3 do not have a U.S. grade standard" - Pizza Paste has no grade but can be tested for mold, color, brix ( NTSS ).

The samples seized by Government Search Warrant would also not be an Official Government Grade.

There were never any samples of Ingomar 's purchased paste tested. Nor did Government seize any samples from Ingomar Packing Company (IPC).

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