What we have located are the comments from Malcolm Segal, the Justice department website list of Pleas they were able to "bang out", the e-mail from former FBI Supervisor Donald Vilfer to FBI Special Agent Paul Artley regarding what they want SK Foods LP employees to plea to, (everyone seems to have a copy of this document, whoever leaked it was thorough, we suspect AG Holder's office), and the redistribution of Salyer's assets on behalf of Morningstar's lawyer. Artley press release, refers to himself as a victim when the Government is supposed to be neutral, the outline handed to AG Eric Holder in Washington DC in May of 2011 and a document that shows "relabeling" was a rumor. This is one of the many rumors circulating among SK Foods LP and Morning Star employees put out there by FBI Informant, Tony Manual, that later turned up unfounded in the Salyer indictment.

We located new home purchases in Granite Bay, CA 2007 by Paul Artley and Donald Vilfer approx. 600K cash per residence. Vilfer went through a divorce then ended up founding Vilfer and Associates with Artley go between, Pam Hanback also from the FBI. Vilfer and Artley make 90K per year at the FBI, Pam made 40K. The homes have been transferred into the names of Artley's wife, (we cannot find information on her holding a job at the time of the home purchase?? son was enrolled in private school for 24K per year) and the name of Pam Hamback. There was no inheritance that we can locate. Artley pulled a permit to add a pool and cabana shortly after the home purchase. Records indicate Vilfer got a DUI in 2007 and 2008 in Ohio where he owns another home. Records indicate they still owned their homes in Sacramento, CA at the time of this search. Vilfer and Arltey engaged in friendship oriented activities outside such as Triathlons. Vilfer looked bloated and like he abused alcohol in the DUI photos.

Malcolm Segal, a lawyer for Mr. Salyer, said his client had done
nothing wrong. “The allegations against Mr. Salyer are unsupported
except by individuals who have pled guilty and who are seeking a
personal benefit in the sentencing process,” Mr. Segal said.

Not the Government's final list of Pleas:
http://www.justice.gov/usao/cae/news/Plea /2010/02-18-10SKFoodsChart.pdf

Artley Press Release

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