Scott Salyer's Sentencing Is Again Delayed -- But the Plot Thickens as
Allegations Abound in the Unprecedented Case Against the Controversial Figure Behind
"Operation Rotten Tomato" Operation Fast and Furious

Operation Fast and Furious snagged more headlines but, for sheer drama and alleged corruption, nothing tops the spicy and ripe for the picking labyrinth "Operation Rotten Tomato" -- the name Federal investigators gave the case against Scott Salyer, former owner and CEO of SK Foods LP, who was charged, along with several associates, with inflating prices of processed tomatoes.

On March 23, 2012, Salyer signed a Plea Agreement, for two counts of what was a 12 count indictment before Judge Lawrence K. Karlton at the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California. A $2,000 check that FBI informant Randal Rahal reportedly wrote and mailed to the wife of an SK Foods LP customer in 2007 is charged as Racketeering Act 3D in the plea agreement. Salyer's sentencing is continued to November 27, 2012.

Salyer's supporters allege President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder used the Dept. Of Justice and demonstrated acts of cronyism, as well as "attempted wrongful death." They believe several attempts have been made on Salyer's life and that he was poisoned with bacteria when Sergeant Daniel Morrissey allegedly befouled his food in the Sacramento jail between May and August 2010. Mr. Salyer now suffers from a serious bone marrow condition.

Those familiar with the intricacies of the case also believe that Holder and the DOJ are involved in the set-up of the produce expert, whose testimony was used as evidence against Salyer. Supporters now allege retaliation and further false claims against Salyer by the DOJ.

The supporter's believe the Private Public Partners include Bank of Montreal, OLAM, 2008 Democratic National Convention Delegate Bill Brandt of DSI and James Spiotto of Chicago. Salyer's American Grown produce was exported to Canada, Mexico, Italy and other countries.