Bradley D. Sharp sworn operating report SK Foods LP for November 2012. He states under oath that he is managing the foreign entities. When in fact he has filed a lawsuit in Australian Federal Court trying to get the judge to award him Salyer's foreign entities there. It is a Federal Crime to swear to anything falsely in a Bankruptcy Operating Report. But, with Bardwil as a partner, who is going to challenge the crimes being committed against Scott Salyer. Almost four years ago, Bradley D. Sharp, BMO and their corruption scam partners stole SK Foods LP and redistributed the assets among themselves and their partners.

Sharp had a big month receiving proceeds from various lawsuits totaling $900,000.
Cash: $2.3mm (100% collateral of BMO)
Current Liabilities: $12.8mm
Only one lawyer, Lucerelli was paid in Australia, nothing to Duncan Cotterell Lawyers nothing to Norton Rose Lawyers or any other Queens Council working on Sharp's and BMO's behalf in Australia.
Monthly Expenses continue at $ 380,000 +

SK Foods LP November 2012 Operating Report