Item 2 is the sworn declaration of Pretrial Services report on Salyer. Evidence of Falsification of Pretrial Services Report by Government appointee. Government's Opposition to Defense Application to Modify Conditions of Release state that "Mr. Salyer is surely a burden to Pre-Trial Services" page 1 line 26.

Pre-Trial Services Agent stated to Mr. Salyer that he has never had an Audit in his career, yet, since he was assigned the Salyer case he has been Audited five times. He also stated that the Government is harassing Mr. Salyer.

According to procedure, information enters the Probation Dept. but no information exists the Probation Dept. until they issue their report to the Court. In this case to Judge Lawrence Karlton. Page 2 line 14 in the Opposition to application to modify conditions of pretrial release, Government appointees write to the Judge, "Salyer just last week admitted that he had a nominee bank account" this statement is not actually what he had stated, however, what matters is that he had made a statement in a sworn secure interview with the Probation Dept. "just last week" and the Probation Dept. has not issued their report as of yet making it impossible for any information obtained in that May 2012 interveiw to be made available.

Mr. Salyer has infact only made statements to Pre-Trial Services Anthony Granados, Judge Karlton on March 23, 2012 and the Probation Dept on the day of his hearing May 2012. Yet, the Government has also stated in a press release that Mr. Salyer has admitted to other statements, which has never occured. Other news bureaus include quotes from Mr.Salyer as well.

Contents of the Govt Opp to Mtn for Modified Release Terms Case No. 2:10-cr-00061-LKK Document 495 filed 05/22/2012 includes legnthy and exessive opionions and wishes from the appointed SK Foods LP Bankruptcy Trustee, Bradley D. Sharp's untruthful claims in the Civil Matter court documents. How can any of this information be relevant to this May 2012 document. It appears they are just using a public document in order to LEAK even more information out into the public where unscrupulous blood sucking lawyers can gain access to it.

Government Opposition to Motion for Modified Release Terms

Bradley D. Sharp's latest attack August 2, 2012

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